Your lawyer in court and in everyday life

Your judicial protection starts from drawing up of a statement of claim (or, if necessary, statement of defense) by our lawyers, and lasts until direct execution of court decision.  Our lawyers always act as expeditiously and qualitatively as possible, choosing only legal and verified ways of defending clients during legal proceedings:

  • Issues concerning the privatization of housing, ownership over and partition of real estate (purchase and sale, exchange, donation of apartments; establishing the fact of possession, use and disposal of real estate, etc.).
  • Debt collection pursuant to receipts and loan agreements.
  • Legal defense on issues concerning debts for utilities.
  • Establishment of the fact of registration of birth, marriage, divorce, death (for the package of documents required for obtaining citizenship and other cases).
  • Family disputes (divorce, partition of property, adoption, and establishment of paternity, etc.).
  • Disputes with insurance companies.
  • Inheritance disputes (inheritance acceptance, place of the opening of inheritance and other cases).
  • Establishment of the family relationship (for inheritance and other cases).
  • Labour disputes.