Real Estate Moldova


Our team will conduct legal due diligence so as to ensure the following, amongst other things:

  • That the Seller is the registered owner of the asset or has beneficial interests in the asset and consequently has the ability to sell.
  • That the asset is not burdened with any encumbrances such as mortgages. If there are any encumbrances to ensure that relevant provisions are included in the agreement to safeguard the client.
  • To negotiate all legal and commercial terms with the Seller.
  • To obtain power of attorney from the client in order to represent them before the Land Registry Department and the tax authorities.
  • Represent the client before the Land Registry Department to ensure that the agreement for the acquisition of the immovable asset will be deposited at the Land Registry Department and accept the transfer of the property into the client’s name upon all contract conditions being satisfied.
  • Advice the client on the most beneficial way to acquire the immovable property, taking into consideration the purpose of the acquisition as well as other factors such as taxation.
  • To do draft the agreement for the acquisition of the property.
  • Full Legal support and advice in all real estate matters.